SCHMUCK-Show 2012

During the Internationalen Handwerksmesse (IHM) in Munich the SCHMUCK-Show 2012 opened, for the first time, the international SCHMUCK-days. Over 450 guests came to the MaximiliansForum to see the live-show of over 100 jewelry pieces.
In cooperation with Galerie Biró and with the support by the Kulturreferat of Munich the SCHMUCK-Show provided an overview of the variety of jewelry exhibitions during SCHMUCK in Munich and the Fair. Corresponding to the presented jewelry, a slideshow offered additional information about the artist's name and the exhibition.

Following a vision something new has started. I thank all contributors for this exceptional collaboration!

Danner-Stiftung, Galerie Biró, Art Aurea, Schlegel Schmuck, ARTMuc

Show design und music concept by:
Adelinde Knorr

Layout by:
Nina Weissenfeldt

DJ Alex Wasowski

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Prospect 2012
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Attendants 2012
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