SCHMUCK-Show 2012   SCHMUCK-Show 2013

Welcome to the official site for the SCHMUCK-Show, the opening event of the annual international SCHMUCK-Days in Munich.

The SCHMUCK-Show gives an overview of the many jewellery exhibitions during the SCHMUCK-Days in Munich. The live presentation by actors from Munich's Kammerspiele and the choir vox nova, shows the interaction between jewellery, wearer and beholder.

An exciting evening for artists, curators, collectors and everyone simply interested in jewellery!

In addition to the SCHMUCK-Show, we also offer the corresponding SCHMUCK-Finder. Thanks to a city map, this free catalogue offers an excellent orientation throughout the city with images of the presented jewellery, the artists' names and exhibition locations!

In the more than 50 years that the Handwerkskammer for München and Oberbayern has organized the SCHMUCKSCHAU at the Fair (IHM), the number of jewellery exhibitions in the city of Munich has increased continuously the so-called SCHMUCK-Days. This increasing international interest was the inspiration for the SCHMUCK-Show, to give the opportunity to all exhibitors to show one piece of jewellery in an exceptional atmosphere.

We wish you many exciting moments and inspiring encounters during the upcoming SCHMUCK-Days and hope to give you a useful package to assist with your enjoyment via the SCHMUCK-Show and the SCHMUCK-Finder!